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Digital Signage Software Media4Display

Media4Display is a digital signage software that enables, from a browser, to plan digital communication 24/7 and to remotely broadcast multimedia content (videos, flash, photos, html…) in real-time to a network of displays located in various points of sale, agencies, industrial sites, public places, companies, outdoor displays...

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Meeting4Display is a Meeting Room Signage software . The solution can be installed at the entrance to your various types of rooms, whether they are located in your premises or in adjoining buildings.

Book a room directly from the display located at the meeting room’s entrance or through your company's messaging system.


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EMM software Mediacontact

MediaContact is an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) software suite dedicated to companies or organizations employing mobile field workers (sales staff, health staff, logisticians, maintenance technicians…) and which provide them with mobile devices embedding business applications.
MediaContact also offers management and synchronization services for remote servers networks made of POS (points of sale), M2M, connected objects, workstations… and is intended for retail stores, companies or organizations rolling out remote servers and which need automated and secured management and synchronization.



Mobile Device Management Software
Clyd is a Mobile Device Management software  allowing organizations to administrate, manage and secure Android devices. 
Through its intuitive interface, clyd lets you create, locked down areas containing a selection of authorized content for a group of devices.
It also allows you to make hardware and software inventories, deploy and update Android apps on your managed devices, remotely control them… 



MediaTransfer Data Sync software

MediaTransfer is a synchronization software offering distributed applications all the necessary functions of automation, security, optimization, and traceability.
It is designed for application developers, integrators and software publishers. MediaTransfer is recognized for its strength and ability to automate exchanges 24/7/365.