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Telelogos launches Channels, an innovative internal communication solution for new ways of working: offices, mobility, home-working

Organizations need to keep in touch with, inform, connect and unite their employees. The increase in mobility and remote working have made it even more important for companies to have effective internal communication. Physical on site presence in the office is becoming rarer, and in turn direct interaction opportunities with employees.

Nowadays, there are a multitude of communication methods. Employees are inundated with various sources of information: intranet, corporate social network, emails, new collaborative tools, etc. Internal communication is often drowned out or lost within this flow, and employees can miss important information because of this.

"The idea to develop this new software came to us during the first lockdown, in particular through discussions with our clients and who were looking for a way to intensify their communication with their employees working from home. They alerted us to the difficulties they encountered in drawing their employees' attention to certain critical messages with sufficient certainty. "underlines Christophe Billaud, Managing Director of Telelogos.



Transform your employees' workstations into internal communication channels.

Channels allows you to communicate essential or urgent information directly on the computer workstations, without changing work habits or adding an additional communication tool.

"For Channels, we have worked closely with a group of major customers and pilot partners to build a solution that meets their needs. The challenge? Building a solution that allows all the company's departments (Communication, IT, HR, general resources, etc.) to communicate to employees in a targeted manner, so that they don't miss important messages, while integrating into the existing infrastructure without adding an additional tool or needing training," comments Christophe Billaud.

In particular, Channels allows through push notifications directly on the workstation to create a news item / announcement or to highlight an important communication element, which may already exist (intranet, survey, document, etc.).
"An example experienced by a client: during a cyber-attack, they found themselves totally helpless because they had no way of urgently contacting all the users to inform them of the threat and give them instructions on how to stop the spread of this virus...".

Thanks to Channels, it is also possible to communicate via other features of the workstation: for example, by transforming the lock screen into a communication media, or by customizing the background according to the company's current news.
"Channels is particularly powerful because it is immediately operational and can be deployed in any company without changing equipment or infrastructure. It uses the existing standard features of the workstation to communicate more efficiently, making the information transmitted essential, without having to train employees or disrupt their work habits" adds Christophe Billaud.