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Telelogos: employees invest in capital

Telelogos, the international software publisher with headquarters in Angers and products deployed in more than 50 countries, has successfully launched a program to open up capital to all its employees.


Technological innovation and international development

With a 70% growth rate over the last five years, Telelogos is now establishing itself beyond French and European borders in the field of digital signage and mobile device management. This program to open up capital to all employees is part of the 2023 strategic plan for accelerated growth against the backdrop of technological innovation and deployment in new geographical areas through organic and external growth.

« Telelogos' success is built on the talent, ideas and efforts of all its employees: they innovate and invent new products, develop the best ways to promote and sell them, discover and explore new markets, support partners and customers, and ensure the company's financial health. This unifying project marks the management team and current shareholders’ will - some of whom are already employees - to reinforce everyone's contribution to the company’s development, » says Christophe Justeau, President of Telelogos.

Massive employee participation

Open to employees on permanent contracts (minimum 7 months) and regardless of their position in the company, Telelogos launched the shareholding program in July 2019 after an information campaign focused on the risks. It took the form of a share buyback. The campaign’s success exceeded expectations as two thirds of the eligible employees have joined and are shareholders of their company since September.

« We are pleased with this success. While our good results give us peace of mind, any participation in the capital of a company involves risks taking and this commitment by Telelogos' employees is a great sign of confidence in the company and its current strategy. We are pursuing our development and growth strategy, while maintaining good profitability, and we plan to make this program sustainable by renewing it regularly. This is an additional means of strengthening our community and attracting new talent and high potential, » said Christophe Billaud, Managing Director of Telelogos


About Telelogos

Telelogos is a software publisher in the fields of Digital Media and Connected Devices. Telelogos software allows companies and organizations to better communicate and interact with their customers and/or employees as part of their digital transformation. Corporations can manage and display content through screens placed in any location (points of sale, industry, public spaces, reception halls,...), manage the availability and reservation of their meeting rooms through digital devices, and remotely control their fleets of connected terminals, whether mobile (smartphones, tablets) or fixed (terminals, POS).
Telelogos has more than 2,000 customers and 500,000 licenses used in more than 50 countries by all types of companies, from SMEs to large accounts.